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Boambee Turf provides turf for residents and businesses in Coffs Harbour and surrounding areas.

From initial preparation to post laying, Boambee has you covered. We provide full turf installation using our locally grown turf and will be with you every step of the way. Read more
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Complete Turf Installation


1. Initial Preparation

Turf is our business and Boambee Turf is who you want to have your turf laid for lush green results. Correct installation is something we guarantee.

2. Pre-Installation

This pre-installation work is thorough and includes preparing and applying fertiliser. It takes only a few days for the prepared site to be ready for the turf to be laid. At that point, we cut and deliver the turf on the same day.

3. Turf Laying

When we lay turf for you, the benefits of our experience soon become evident. We get the job done right. Our preparation work is done to prevent problems that are likely to eventuate otherwise.

4. Post laying

Laying the freshest possible turf, we then roll it to ensure that contact between turf and soil is established. After rolling, the natural look and vitality of your turf will be fast-tracked and you can count on beautiful results.
Turf Installation — Boambee Turf In Bonville, QLD

Measuring Your Lawn

Measuring your lawn is important, not only for an accurate quote but also to ensure your turf doesn’t come up short or leave you with too much excess after it is laid.

Rectangular areas are measured by multiplying the width by the length (e.g. 8m x 5m = 40m2).
For odd-shaped lawns, the area would need to be divided into different sections.

Please don’t hesitate to call us for help with measuring up for your turf.
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Square And Rectangle
Square and Rectangle. Calculating the area for a square or rectangle is very simple. Get the overall width and the overall length of the square or rectangle, multiply the two and the result is the area for the square or rectangle. For example, a Square: 6 m (wide) x 6m (length) = 36m2 For example, a Rectangle: 6m (wide) x 4m (length) = 24m2.
Circle. To calculate the amount of lawn you need in square metres (m2), measure the radius of the circle and multiple the (radius x radius) x 3.14. For example, radius of 5m (5 x 5) x 3.14 = 78.5m2
Triangle. Calculating the area for a triangle is done by getting the overall width and the overall length of the triangle, mulitple the two and divide by half and the result is the area for the triangle.
Shapes. The area of a shape can be determined by simply breaking the shape into a sets of squares, rectangles or triangles. Find the individual area and add them to give you the total area of the shape.

Turf Variety

We supply a range of quality turf types. Along with the varieties we grow at our own Bonville farm, we also source Palmetto, Sapphire, Prestige Buffalo and Nara Native Zoysia.

Our farm-raised turf varieties include:
  • Empire Zoysia
  • Jari Blue Native Zoysia - under trial
  • Wintergreen Couch
  • Greenlees Park Couch
  • Bonville Green Buffalo
Empire Zoysia is a low maintenance turf. Famous for its fine blades of grass, this turf grows best in clay and sandy soil areas. If you want a grass that is durable, hard-wearing and quick to recover, look no further. Salt tolerant, thrives in heat – if you live near the ocean, talk to the team Boambee Turf about Empire Zoysia.
Jari Blu Native Zoysia is soft to the touch, hard-wearing and a gorgeous deep green colour. As a shade tolerant grass, Jari Blu only requires roughly 4-5 hours of direct sunlight a day. Ideal for homes, golf courses and sports fields, this is a lush, durable and affordable Aussie product for Aussie lawns.

Our Wintergreen Couch is a bright green turf. It is soft underfoot, tolerates droughts and recovers well from wear.

Greenlees Park Couch has more of a dark green colour. Both options are best in sunlight and work well for residential lawns, sports fields, golf courses, and in holiday parks.

Bonville Green Buffalo has a deep green colour and more tolerant in shade and is ideal for residential and commercial lawns that are 70% or more shaded. This variety holds up well through the winter months.

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